Standing Committees

Executive Committee
Karen Du Bois-Kahn, RN, President
Gertrude B. Hutchinson, MSIS, MA, RN,  Past-President
Richard Barry, MSLS, AHIP, Vice-President
Open Position, Secretary
Valerie Meyer, Treasurer

Archives Committee
Gertrude Hutchinson, MS, MSIS, RN, Chair
Dorothy Moore, RN, MS

Bylaws Committee
Richard J. Barry, MSLS, AHIP, Chair

Membership Committee
Aleta Embrey, CLA, Chair
Leslie Block
Charmaine Fitzig, RN, DrPH
Valerie Meyer, MLIS, RN

Nominating Committee (even years)
Karen DuBois-Kahn, RN, Chair

Marketing and Communications
Richard J. Barry, MSLS, AHIP, Chair
Charmaine Fitzig, RN, DrPH
Susan T. Pierce, RN, EdD, MSN
Diane Pravikoff, RN, PhD, FAAN

Strategic Planning Committee
Warren G. Hawkes, MLS, AHIP, Chair

Ad Hoc Committees

Essential Nursing References Committee
Susan Fowler, MLIS, Co-Chair
Janet G. Schnall, MS, AHIP, Co-Chair
Leslie Block

Research Committee
Diane Pravikoff, RN, PhD, FAAN, Chair
Susan T. Pierce, RN, EdD, MSN
Annelle Tanner, RN, EdD, MSN

Mission Statement and Goals

To establish an effective system of information resources in nursing to advance the profession through the promotion and use of its literature.

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