Historical Note

Interagency Council on Library Resources for Nursing (later renamed the Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing) was founded in March of 1960.

According to Virginia Henderson, one of the most important nursing figure in the 20th century, who also was a founder of the ICLRN, the council had its beginning in the National Committee on Nursing Service that formed after World War II. The group met periodically to discuss development in nursing, including recently conducted or proposed future research. It was often the case that only one member was familiar with a study in question: in Henderson's words, "everyone realized that there was no control of the literature in nursing. Reports were lost and some studies repeated. There was no way of recording what had been done." Efforts to remedy the situation commenced with a $30.000 grant from the United States Public Health Service to the group in order that it might begin to classify extant nursing research and make recommendations for future studies; the work was directed by Leo Simmons, a sociologist at Yale University (later, Director if Nursing Research at Teachers College). Their report was eventually published under the title Nursing Research: a Survey and Assessment, (1964).

The classification system recommended by the group was abandoned, however, as the belief emerged that indexing nursing materials in line with headings in the Index Medicus would prove more useful. This project, directed by Virginia Henderson, became known as the Yale Nursing Studies Index, and cumulated in a 5,000-plus index card file. The Interagency Council on Library Resources for Nursing was formed to serve as advisory committee to cooperate with Henderson in the development of a comprehensive index of nursing literature.

Over the succeeding years, the council's educative role has led to regular presentations at the conventions of both the American Nurses Association and National League for Nursing; the publication of articles on information resources in nursing journals; and demonstrations of library searches, among other activities. The enhancement of the nursing profession through the control and advancement of its professional literature continues to this day direct and define the goals and work of the Interagency Council on Library Resources for Nursing.

Mission Statement and Goals

To establish an effective system of information resources in nursing to advance the profession through the promotion and use of its literature.

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