Research in Information Literacy

The Research Committee, Diane Pravikoff, RN, PhD, FAANAnnelle Tanner, EdD, MSN, RN, and Karen Dubois-Kahn, Phd, RN are in the process of replicating the nurse information literacy study they conducted in 2004. The committee has revised the questionnaire and field tested it so it is ready for use. The next and very important step is to obtain funding of approximately $100,000 for a nationwide research project to determine how nurses' information skills have changed since the original study. Funding streams and grants are being explored at this time and any assistance is greatly appreciated by the committee and the nursing community.

This groundbreaking study is extremely popular. Over 100 individuals or organizations have requested approval to replicate the study. A request has been received from Iceland to replicate the study nationwide in that country. Truly a demonstration of the value and timeliness of the study.

Please contact any of the Committee members if you have suggestions or contributions regarding the funding of this important project.

Mission Statement and Goals

To establish an effective system of information resources in nursing to advance the profession through the promotion and use of its literature.

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